CAMM Assays & Services for

Pharmacodynamic Analysis in Bacterial Diseases

RS ratio™️

A novel molecular readout of the effect of drugs and drug combinations on bacterial cellular processes.  By providing information that complements traditional culture-based enumeration, the RS ratio is transforming in vitro, in preclinical and human studies.

CAMM provides RS ratio collection kits and performs RS ratio profiling in a quality-assured workflow in the CAMM Molecular Core.


Informed Regimen Design Metrics- a multi-element system of bacterial phenotyping to comprehensively evaluate the effect of drugs on the physiologic state and cellular process of M. tuberculosis in vitro


SEquencing after Amplicon enRiCHment for TB. A targeted method of quantifying the M. tuberculosis transcriptome at low bacterial abundance in animal treatment models


Single-Tubercle Analysis of rRNA Microenvironmental Atlas of Populations. Probes M. tuberculosis rRNA in whole-tissue to quantitatively and spatially define bacterial populations by ribosomal synthesis with single-bacillus resolution. The platform also supports multiplexed analysis with host protein and nucleic acid targets.

Knowledge Integration

Systems pharmacology and PK/DP modeling harness established and novel PD markers to maximize insight